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Process Post (Week 9)

This week, we discussed the role of Facebook in our lives, and how it influences us. Here are the four questions we were asked to think about.

What could happen to facilitate the end of Facebook?

Honestly, it is hard to imagine a world without Facebook. Although people my age have begun to decrease their use of it, it is still a dominant social media platform. At first, I had the idea that a newer social media could decrease Facebook’s popularity. However, upon further thought, I realized that there are already many newer platforms, and yet Facebook continues to remain popular. Therefore, I think that the only way Facebook would truly ‘end’ is if the company were to shut down.

What constraints does Facebook impose on us?

One of the biggest controversial things about Facebook is the fact that they track almost everything we do. It has gotten to the point where people suspect that they listen to us using the microphones in our phones and computers. They use this information to bombard us with ads and content that we find relevant. They can even track us outside of the actual app or site. They do this by allowing us to log in to different websites using our Facebook credentials and by only letting us open articles on the app within their browser.

Reflect on how Facebook influences what we post and do in everyday life.

Personally, I use Facebook to post photos and updates about my life so that my older family can keep up with me. This includes posting when I am in a new relationship. I also use it to entertain myself and to message friends.

How can we break free from these constraints?

Again, I am not sure how you can break free from the constraints of Facebook, other than by deleting the app or disactivating your account. We could move towards other platforms to connect with our friends and family, but realistically, those platforms would impose their own constraints on us.

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