My adolescent stream of consciousness

Process Post (Week 5)

In general, I have been imagining my audience as roughly 16 to 22 year olds. In addition, I’m guessing that my audience will start off as mostly females. However, as I continue to age, I imagine that my audience will age as well, and hopefully also begin to include males.

In order to satisfy my adolescent/young adult audience, I am trying to create a modern, simple blog. However, I also have a few pops of colors (I would like to have more). Finally, I have a lot of “relatable” content. That is, much of my content focuses on current pop culture and “main stream” information. I think that this will increase the readership of my blog.

Moving forward, I would like to consult some of my peers on the appearance of my website, and ask for suggestions on how to make it better. Hopefully the peer review this week will help.

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